Conrad Brian Law is more than just a motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. In addition to speaking and conferences and providing keynote addresses and training; Conrad is a management consultant. In addition to talking about the need for change, he can provide practical implementation strategies.

Conrad is the CEO of Applied Learning Solutions (ALS). ALS is a management consulting firm established to deliver performance improvement solutions and training using technology.   One of the tools that separate us from typical consulting organizations is our ability to promote change within organizations by designing and implementing instructor-facilitated and self-directed e-learning solutions to help our clients achieve their goals.  Our capabilities include:

  • Consulting
  • Business Analysis
  • Out-Of-The-Box Research & Thinking
  • Process Improvement
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Professional Development Training
  • Survey Design and Analysis
  • Workforce Development Training
  • Information Technology

ALS services are delivered at the highest quality by professionals who bring over 25 years experience in organizational development, management, and training at government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations. Our expertise spans a variety of industries: government, human resources, financial, information technology and education.



Business Analysis

KLS conducts focused strategic assessments that uncover present issues and highlight hidden opportunities for success within teams or the organization as a whole. Our assessments are conducted with one or all of the following focus areas: operations, personnel, and strategic vision. We utilize a combination of methods to create a comprehensive report that includes key findings, critical success factors, and next steps.  Results may include procedural changes, training or recommendations to implement technological innovations.

Process Improvement

KLS emphasizes people and processes.  We apply our skills to help evaluate current business practices and analyze what is needed to elevate the organization to a best-practice level.  We work closely with our clients to then implement these best practices across the entire organization. We also design online survey instruments to measure and analyze performance.

E-Learning Solutions

KLS uses the MOODLE Course Management System to design and implement custom instructor-led and facilitated continuing education courses.  With your subject matter experts our MOODLE Teacher Certified staff can build the courses you need for the skills you want to teach your employees. We provide course development, teaching, online instructor training, hosting and LMS administration.

Project Management

KLS provides experience in the complete project management life cycle.  Our staff has extensive expertise in completing projects on time and within budget.  We pride ourselves on doing the right project.  Very often the scope of our projects changes after our initial analysis.

Professional Development Training

KLS designs and delivers workshops and seminars that develop and enhance foundational skills of an organization’s personnel. We conduct training that focuses on core technical skills and soft skills such as communication, relationship building, creativity, and organizational change. At the end of training, individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively perform their job.

Workforce Development Training

KLS offers job preparedness and entrepreneurial training for under employed individuals. Our programs provide technical and soft skills training to equip participants with the skills they need to be marketable.  We also provide training in goal setting, motivation, resume writing, interviewing techniques and entrepreneurship.

Information Technology

KLS offers total technology solutions in areas such as application development, database design, and the implementation of new technologies.  We understand technology and realize that the solution to a problem is not always a technology solution.



Project management experience includes application analysis, design and development of property management, human resources and financial management system upgrades.  We have provided guidance in the development of personnel information systems, property management systems, infrastructure system administration and database design.  Recent projects include the development of online training for caregivers, security personnel and a student registration system for the National Fair Housing Training Academy.

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