These are representative of the types of presentations and speaking programs that we conduct for our clients. Each of these programs can be held as a two hour presentation to a whole day, hands on training. Additional topics are available.

Success Is Achieving Your Dreams

Through this program participants will examine the dynamics of why most of us don’t reach our potential in the work place and in life. We accept the reality that is provided to us instead of creating the life that we deserve. The most important requirement is to believe in yourself, however, we live in a society that does not teach us to believe in ourselves.

We learn how to set goals at an early age but effect of trying to achieve our goal is not always the one desired. As a result we sometimes lose focus and don’t focus on turning our dreams into reality by turning them into goals with specific tasks and activities that we need to perform.

This workshop will help participants understand how it was lost and how to regain our focus to pursue our goals.

Career Success Strategies

This program explores the dynamics of career advancement and demonstrate techniques that employees can use to create opportunities for advancement. This workshop will help you get unstuck. Problems need to be addressed when we don’t know how to manage our career.

Using techniques that are common sense but not common practice, participants will examine ten techniques to managing your career to focus on advancement.

E-Learning Opportunities

This program explores the benefits of Online Training and explain how agencies can develop training programs that are less expensive, more effective and extremely flexible utilizing E-Learning technologies. The tools can also be used to create virtual mentoring and coaching programs to supplement the exit of baby boomers from the workforce

Colleges and universities use e-learning for their expensive degree programs but not for just in time adult continuing education. When this technology is used to provide practical training which can be applied immediately to improve performance and effectiveness, everyone wins.

Also, utilizing e-learning technologies doesn’t have to be expensive. Participants will learn about the building blocks to develop effected online learning courses.

Are You Ready For Business?

This program is about taking your small business to the next level by obtaining contracts with agencies and organizations. Most businesses are too small and ill equipped to handle the growth that comes with lucrative contracts. Topics include how to prepare your business and how to create opportunities. Participants will learn how to position their business for unprecedented growth through business to business and business to government contracts.

This program includes a checklist that can be used to poise your business for exceptional growth. The tools and techniques to make sure that your business is ready will also be discussed.